Acorn and Blueberry

If you have read my All About Me page you would know that I have two rabbits Acorn and Blueberry. They are 4 years old and are very friendly mostly. Acorn is fawn coloured which is type of dark blonde but she turns grey in the winter. Blueberry stays the same because she Is dark grey (agouti) anyway, she looks like a large would rabbit. They are different from the typical wild rabbit you see because they are lop ears and their ears flop down instead of sticking up. They also are very large now. They need a lot of looking after and feeding everyday with hay, rabbit mix, vegetables , and treats one of which are apple tree sticks. They like toys that they can bite, it keeps their teeth sharp. They are well behaved mostly but they can have an odd grumpy day when they want to avoid you completely, on those days they could bite you. Their teeth are very sharp and make you bleed and they can stand on their hind legs and scratch with their little front paws too. They have big hind legs and feet that they thump on the ground as a go away sign. They also have long sensitive ears. They are very cute but make a lot of mess. I love them. 

See you L8r Lily.


Animal of the Week

This is a post that happens every week. Every week I randomly select an animal and share interesting facts about it. My animal of the week this week is….

The basking shark!!

The basking shark is the second largest living fish after the whale shark. It is a shark and a big one too but it is one of three sharks that only eat plankton and therefore harmless.It is slow moving and has a big mouth to suck in all the plankton. It is grayish-brown in colour. They have lots of small teeth about a hundred per row and the teeth curved backwards. Basking sharks can be seen all around the world and come pretty close to the UK. They prefer sea temperatures of 8 – 14.5 centigrade. Nowadays they are nearer the equator.

The basking shark is an easy catch for a human because their slow moving and have an un-aggressive nature. They have been made vulnerable by humans. They hunt them for shark-fin soup and their hide for leather. It should be stopped or at least limited before they become endangered.

 Lily 🙂


I have decided my theme will be animals/wildlife but I will also occasionally blurt out random posts that I feel I should tell the world that will go to my A Bit Random category as this will go to until I make another one. I will also post ufeful or fun things and information.

TTFN, Lily xxx

First Post

Hello everyone, this is my first post ever on my new blog Lily’s world. I am Lily and this is my brand new blog. I am starting up a blog with some friends. I hope I will find something to write about but right now I just don’t know.